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We want you to know how to find grants for small businesses. This is why She Boss Talk is committed to helping entrepreneurs and business owners who are grappling with the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic and the inequities in funding and resources for minorities and women businesses. It is our goal to provide information that will give you a financial lifeline to rise and thrive!



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The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 is a $1.9 trillion economic stimulus bill passed by the 117th United States Congress and signed into law by President Joe Biden on March 11, 2021, to speed up the United States' recovery from the economic and health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing recession.[1] First proposed on January 14, 2021, the package builds upon many of the measures in the CARES Act from March and in the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, from December.

New and Expanded Small Business Stimulus

The American Rescue Plan includes tens of billions of dollars in aid for small businesses and not for profits whose bottom lines have been hard hit by the pandemic.

Here are the programs:

  • Additional $15 billion to the Emergency Injury Disaster Advance/Grant program.

  • $25 billion for a new grant program specifically for bars and restaurants.

  • Additional $7 billion for the Paycheck Protection Program

  • $39 billion in Child care provider grant

  • Additional $1.25 billion for the Shuttered Venue Operator Grant Program; and provisions to participate in PPP and SVO

  • Extension of the Employee Retention Tax Credit

  • Emergency pandemic unemployment assistance extended until Sept. 6; more self-employed and part-time individuals could qualify for benefits; extra weekly unemployment benefit would remain at $300 until Aug. 29 and tax relief on up to $10,200 in income from unemployment benefits for households earning less than $150,000 a year.

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act was passed by Congress with overwhelming, bipartisan support and signed into law by President Trump on March 27th, 2020.  This over $2 trillion economic relief package delivers on the Trump Administration’s commitment to protecting the American people from the public health and economic impacts of COVID-19.

The CARES Act provides fast and direct economic assistance for American workers, families, and small businesses, and preserve jobs for our American industries.

Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 was passed by Congress with overwhelming, bipartisan support and signed into law by President Trump on December 27th, 2020.  This includes $900 billion in COVID-19 stimulus relief.

House Summary of H.R. 133 Coronavirus Relief Provisions

DIVISION-BY-DIVISION SUMMARY OF COVID-19 RELIEF PROVISIONS In addition to the text of the Fiscal Year 2021 appropriations bills and authorizing matters, the spending package includes emergency coronavirus relief.

In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, small business owners in all U.S. states, Washington D.C., and territories are able to apply for an Economic Injury Disaster Loan advance of up to $10,000. This advance is designed to provide economic relief to businesses that are currently experiencing a temporary loss of revenue. Grants are based on $1,000 per W2 employee.

Grant funding expired July 11, 2020.


This loan advance will not have to be repaid. Recipients do not have to be approved for a loan in order to receive the advance, but the amount of the loan advance will be deducted from total loan eligibility. SBA will begin accepting new Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) and EIDL Advance applications on June 15 to qualified small businesses and U.S. agricultural businesses.

The new eligibility for U.S. agricultural businesses is made possible as a result of the latest round of funds appropriated by Congress in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 


To be eligible, business must have been in operation as of January 31, 2020 and have 500 or less employees includes solopreneurs.

New "Targeted EIDL Grants 


Once you apply for the EIDL loan, the SBA will invite you to apply for the Targeted EIDL Advance cash grant.

Section 331: Targeted EIDL Advance for Small Business Continuity, Adaptation, and Resiliency.

• Provides additional targeted funding for eligible entities located in low-income communities through the EIDL Advance program from Section 1110 of the CARES Act.

• Makes entities in low-income communities that received an EIDL Advance under Section 1110 of the CARES Act eligible to receive an amount equal to the difference of what the entity received under the CARES Act and $10,000.

• Provides $10,000 grants to eligible applicants in low-income communities that did not secure grants because funding had run out.

Supplemental Targeted EIDL Avance

The Supplemental Targeted Advance provides a supplemental payment of $5,000 that does not have to be repaid. Even if you have previously received the original EIDL Advance in the full amount of $10,000, you may be eligible for the Supplemental Targeted Advance if you meet eligibility criteria. The combined amount of the Supplemental Targeted Advance ($5,000) with any previously received EIDL Advance or Targeted EIDL Advance ($10,000) will not exceed $15,000.

Completing the Targeted EIDL Advance application is a requirement to be considered for the Supplemental Targeted Advance.

Before applying, make sure your small business meets the following eligibility criteria:

  • Is located in a low-income community. Use this mapping tool to see if your business is in a low-income community as defined in section 45D(e) of the Internal Revenue Code. The business address must be in a low-income community to qualify, so SBA encourages you to check the map before you apply; and

  • Can prove more than a 50% economic loss during an eight-week period beginning on March 2, 2020, or later, compared to the same period of the previous year. Applicants need to provide gross monthly revenue (all forms of combined monthly earnings received, such as profits or salaries) from January 2019 to the current month-to-date; and

  • Has 10 or fewer employees.


Supplemental Targeted Advances are available to sole proprietors, independent contractors, private nonprofit organizations, and others that usually qualify for the EIDL program and meet the above criteria. However, agricultural businesses, such as farmers and ranchers, are not eligible for the Supplemental Targeted Advance. Farmers and ranchers may still apply for loan assistance through the COVID-19 EIDL program.

Repeal of EIDL Advance Deduction


• Repeals section 1110(e)(6) of the CARES Act, which requires PPP borrowers to deduct the amount of their EIDL advance from their PPP forgiveness amount.

• Establishes the Sense of Congress that EIDL Advance borrowers should be made whole without regard to whether those borrowers are eligible for PPP forgiveness.

• The Administrator shall issue rules that ensure borrowers are made whole if they received forgiveness and their EIDL was deducted from that amount.

Watch this Video for Updated EIDL Program














EIDL Application

Funding from this program is given on first come first served basis until Federal appropriated funds are exhausted. Click here to apply!

EIDL Application Assistance 

For step-by step video walkthrough, click here

For one-on-one consult/Done for you application, click here

For help with EIDL Reconsideration for Denied Application, click here.



CLOSED MAY 31, 2021

The Paycheck Protection Program is a loan designed to provide a direct incentive for small businesses to keep their workers on the payroll. The stimulus bill provided $367 billion to help small business mak payroll. The program was set to expire June 30, 2020. Upon the Congress passing and President signing an PPP extension into law, this program has been extended until August 8, 2020.


The 2021 Consolidated Appropriations Act was signed into law December. 27, 2020. The program  reopens January 11, 2021 with $284 billion in funding and extends to March 31, 2021. The program has been extended again thru May 31, 2021.

Key PPP updates include:

  • PPP borrowers can set their PPP loan’s covered period to be any length between 8 and 24 weeks to best meet their business needs;

  • PPP loans will cover additional expenses, including operations expenditures, property damage costs, supplier costs, and worker protection expenditures;

  • The Program’s eligibility is expanded to include 501(c)(6)s, housing cooperatives, direct marketing organizations, among other types of organizations;

  • The PPP provides greater flexibility for seasonal employees;

  • Certain existing PPP borrowers can request to modify their First Draw PPP Loan amount; and

  • Certain existing PPP borrowers are now eligible to apply for a Second Draw PPP Loan.

A borrower is generally eligible for a Second Draw PPP Loan if the borrower:

  • Previously received a First Draw PPP Loan and will or has used the full amount only for authorized uses;

  • Has no more than 300 employees; and

  • Can demonstrate at least a 25% reduction in gross receipts between comparable quarters in 2019 and 2020.



Applicants going for their second round should submit the SBA form 2483-SD PPP Second Round Borrower Form to lender or their comparable form/online form.


Apply for 1st and 2nd round PPP forgivable loan now!

Use agent Shante Roddy and agent ID: 101904881



Watch this Video for Updated PPP Program

PPP Loan Forgiveness Application

SBA will forgive loans if all employee retention criteria are met, and the funds are used for eligible expenses. Click here to read more about PPP loan forgiveness and to access the application. The SBA will open it's PPP Forgiveness Portal on August 10, 2020.

PPP Program Information 

This program is for gig workers, independent contractors, self employed, small business, for profit and nonprofit businesses in operation on or before January 31, 2020 with less than 500 employees. 

For more information and details on this program, click here.

PPP Program Qualifying Lenders 

Check with your bank first to see if they are approved lender. Bluevine is an approved lender still accepting applications. You can apply to more than one place, but can only be funded by one. Click here to search approved lenders.

PayCheck Protection Flexibility Act

The U.S. Small Business Administration, in consultation with the U.S. Department of the Treasury, issued new and revised guidance for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).  This guidance implements the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (PPPFA), signed into law by President Trump on June 5, 2020, and expands eligibility for businesses with owners who have past felony convictions.

To implement the PPPFA, SBA revised its first PPP interim final rule, which was posted on April 2, 2020.  As described in detail in our announcement on June 8, 2020, the new rule updates provisions relating to loan maturity, deferral of loan payments, and forgiveness provisions.

PPP Application Assistance 

For step-by-step video PayPal Loan Builder walkthrough, click here.


Under the CARES Act signed into law by President Trump on March 27, 2020,

Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) provides up to 39 weeks of unemployment benefits to individuals who are unable to work because of a COVID-19-related reason but are not eligible for regular or extended unemployment benefits. This program is funded by the Federal government and is administered by each U. S. state. Check with our state unemployment office to see if you are eligible. Click here to learn more to find your state unemployment office.  Expanded unemployment $600/week additonal payment is scheduled to end July 31, 2020 unless a new bill is passed to extend it.

PUA Application Assistance

For video program overview, click here.




We leave all grants listed on this tracker. Why? If a grant is closed, that doesn't mean it will not reopen.  Grants have funding periods. Funding may be made available monthly, quarterly, annually or have multiple funding rounds after each closing period. New funding opportunities are added weekly.


Take time to research your local geographic area for grants and other funding opportunities with government agencies, associations, companies, nonprofits and foundations. These grantors include, but are not limited to: 

Chamber of Commerce 

City Government 

Community Development Agencies

County Government

Local Foundations

Minority/Small/Women Business Centers


Small Business Development Centers 

State Government

Urban League

TIP: Set up Google Alerts for specific grants in your local area. Type in google Alerts and it will give you  step-by-step process on how to do it. 


TIP: Local grant programs may include help with rent, mortgage, utilities, car repair, child care, food assistance and more. 


California Grants - Check Round Dates

Deleware Encouraging Development, Growth and Expansion (EDGE) Grants

Illinois Back To Business Grants

Louisiana Nonprofit and Small Business Assistance Program

New York Small Business Recovery Grants

Ohio Small Business Grants

Washington Restart Grants

 Wisconsin Tomorrow- Main Street Bounceback grant

This is not a complete list of all grants that may be in your state. Use tips above to search and find local grants and other programs. 


Amazon opens its Accelerator & Grant Program. Applications are open for black owned business sellers on their platform. Awards up to $10K. Annual program.  

Amazon announced a $5 million Neighborhood Small Business Relief Fund to provide cash grants to local Seattle small businesses.  Amazon Lending is also pausing repayment from sellers who have outstanding loans, and seller loans will not accrue interest during this time period. Multiple rounds. 

American Express, a credit card company in partnership with a the “Coalition to Back Black Businesses” Grant Program with a $10 Million Commitment. Annual grants are awarded in the fall each year.

Bacardi Backing the B.A.R. Grant Program for businesses that are at least 51% black-owned with a liquor license or aspirations for a liquor license. Multiple rounds. Check for round 3. 

Barefoot Wine is providing #WeStanForHer Business Grants  of $10,000 to support economic equity, Barefoot Wines is investing in Black women-owned businesses that provide spaces, products and services that center, celebrate and uplift Black women. Multiple rounds.

BGE Energizing Small Business Grants available for businesses in their Maryland service area up to $20,000 to help with pandemic recovery. This is part of BGE's $15 million pledge and multi-year commitment to assist small businesses with relief. Round 3 Sept 1 - Oct 13.

BIPOC Small Business Grants program offers micro grants each month to a minority business. 

Black Ambition: Pharrell Williams Launches Black Ambition, a non-profit initiative that will provide a bridge to success for Black and Latinx entrepreneurs who are launching tech, design, healthcare, and consumer products/services start-ups. Black Ambition is committed to leveling the playing field and fostering the ingenuity, determination, and resilience of underrepresented entrepreneurs. The Black Ambition Prize will find, support, and seed early-stage companies in tech, design, healthcare, and consumer products and services. Ventures must have at least one founder or co-founder that identifies as Black/African/African American and/or Hispanic/Latino/a/Latinx. The grand prize winner will receive up to a $1 million prize and at least nine additional teams will receive smaller prizes. Annual program reopens 2022.

Black Girl Magic Summt held August 21-22 is hosting a Pitch Competition. Enter for your chance to win up to $25,000. Reopens 2022.

BMO Financial Group Expands Grant Program for Women-Owned Businesses Across North America. Awards of $10,000. Applications re-open July 2022. To learn more about the US Grant Program, visit


BMO Grant Program for Women-Owned Businesses in Canada. Awards of $2,500 CAD. To learn more about the Canadian Grant Program, visit Look for 2022 applications.

Bob Evans Farms Annual Heroes to CEOs Contest for entrepreneurial veterans. Grant awards up to $50,000. Applications open Summer 2022. 

Boss Women Media Home Hustlers 4 week business building workshop & pitch competition in partnership with Square to win $5,000 for Black female entrepreneurs. Annual Fall program.

Capital One and Boss Women hosts Black Girl Magic Summit Pitch Competition for up to $25,000. Deadline August 13. 

Caress has announced a $1,000,000 investment over the next 2 years to support women of color entrepreneurs through a founding partnership with IFundWomen of Color. IFundWomen of Color (IFWOC), is the leading platform for diverse entrepreneurs to raise capital through crowdfunding, grants, and coaching. Through this partnership these entrepreneurs will receive the support needed to stay open, re-open, and ensure their long-term success. Beginning with a $500,000 immediate relief donation to support 200 women of color entrepreneurs, already in the IFWOC community, with funding and IFWOC group coaching, mentorship, and connections needed to sustain their businesses. 

Caress Dreams to Reality grant $1,000 + $1,500 coaching for women entrepreneurs of color. Multiple rounds.

Cartier Women's Initiative awards 21 women entrepreneurs a regional grant (based on their location in the world) of up to $100,000. Businesses must be issue-driven, with a focus on economic, environmental or other areas of sustainability. Additionally, a fellowship program offers opportunities like mentorship, financial consulting and high-stakes speaking opportunities. Annual competition.

Citi Trends is celebrating Black History Month by providing $5,000 grants to black entrepreneurs. Only applicants in the following product categories will be considered: Apparel, Beauty, Skin Care, Hair Care, Footwear, Home Décor, Bedding, Bath, Technology or Accessories. New annual program.

Chick-Fil-A True Inspiration Awards™ program was created in 2015 to honor the legacy of Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy. Through these annual grants, we are proud to celebrate and support nonprofit organizations who are Black-led or serve communities of color and who are working in the areas of education, hunger or homelessness. Applications for the 2022 True Inspiration Awards are open March 1 May 31 for U.S. and Canada. Annual program.

Citizens Bank 4th annual Small Business Champion Award Grant program begins Feb. 2021. Grants of $10,000 will be awarded. Businesses must either have a business bank account with them or be located in it's service area. Annual program. 

A Community Thrives, part of USA Today Network, launched its Thrive Crowdfund & Grant Program for nonprofits up to $100,000.

Clubhouse has launched its Creator First Accelerator Program which includes a $5K/month grant. Deadline March 31. Annual program.

Comcast, a technology company has launched the Comcast Rise Grant program for small business. In addition to $10,000, awardees may receive marketing consultations, media placements, commercial creative production services, or technology services from Effectv and Comcast Business. Grants are awarded quarterly.

Digital Undivided has launch the Doonie Fund, which provides an immediate economic investment of $100 for black women who own businesses. Multiple rounds. 

Through the 12-month Do You Fellowship, Digital Undivided will award a select group of promising Black and Latinx female entrepreneurs and innovators with access to unparalleled resources and mentorship, professional development, business development, and opportunities to connect and collaborate with a powerful community of founders at the top of their industries. Includes a $5,000 grant. 

DoorDash announces its 2021 Main Street Strong Accelerator program for restaruant businesses that includes a $20,000 grant. Check eligible cities. Annual program.

Ebay Up and Running Grants of $10,000 available to sellers. Round 2 applications are open. 

(EDA) U.S. Economic Development Administration FY21 Build to Scale program is now live with $38M in funding available to build regional economies through scalable startups. Under the Build to Scale Program, EDA is soliciting applications for two separate competitions: Venture Challenge and Capital Challenge.  This is for businesses and organizations that support entrepreneurs and business owners.  

Everygirl Media Group Foundation announced the inaugural The Everygirl’s Women-Owned Business Grant powered by La Marca Prosecco. Four $5,000 grants will be awarded to women who own small businesses or are pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors. Multiple rounds. 

Ezell's Black Owned Business Grants is a new initiave providing "no strings attached business grants" to 20 black-owned businesses and organizations in the Pacific Northwest in partnership with Doordash under their new Rudd's Raising Up Black Business (R.U.B.B.) Initiative. Application deadline is September 20, 2021. Eight additional grants will be awarded under the President's Choice Awards.

Fearless Fund Pitch Competion for  Women of Color Led / Women of Color - Co-founded  companies to received $50,000. HBCU scholarships and other grants available. Mark calendar for VC Week event August 2022. 

FedEx FedEx is offering $1 million in grants to minority businesses thru its Ecommerce Learning Lab Program. Applications open July 12. Apply now

FedEx has an annual small business grant contest up to $50,000 to power small business growth. 

Fearless Fund has Venture Ready Program w/$5,000 grant for women founders of color. Annual program. 

Fiserv Back2Business Grant program launched for minority business owners to receive funding of $10,000. Limited to the following geographic areas: Detroit, Oklahoma and Texas. Multiple rounds

Founders First CDC, a noational non-profit launches Job Creators Quest Grant Program to support BIPOC business owenrs thrughout Texas. Grant award fund is $100,000. Grant recipients will also receive a full scholarship to one of  Founders First's accelerator programs. Accelerator programs also available for chance to win cash grants. 

Freelancers Union created a relief fund that will offer financial assistance of up to $1,000 per freelance household.

GoFundMe has partnered with Yelp to allow independent businesses to start fundraisers and accept donations through Yelp’s pages. The Yelp Foundation and GoFundMe also both pledged to donate up to $1 million to the Small Business Relief Fund.

Goldman Sachs announced a slew of initiatives to support small businesses impacted by COVID-19, including a Small Business Stimulus Package allocating $250 million in emergency loans and $25 million in grants. The company has committed a total of $300 million.

The Impact Challenge for Women and Girls commits $25 million to fund organizations creating pathways to prosperity for women and girls. This is an open call for applications, and selected charitable initiatives will receive up to $2 million, as well as opportunities for mentorship and additional support from Google. Applications accepted on rolling basis. 

Google’s pledge to donate $800 million for COVID-19 relief includes efforts to help small and medium-sized businesses gain access to capital.

Google for Startups Accelerator for Women Founders is a three-month digital accelerator program for Seed to Series A technology startups based in the U.S. and Canada. Annual program.

Google Black Startup Founder Grant and Accelerator program. Selected founders receive between $50,000 and $100,000 in capital along with hands-on support to help their startup grow. Annual program.  

Hennessy launches its annual Never Stop Never Settle Accelerator and Grant up to $50,000 for black founders in March 2021. Annual program.

Hennessy, a beverage company launched the Unfinished business Minority Grant for minority businesses in the U.S. Multiple rounds. 

Hidden Star, a nonprofit organization focused on entrepreneurship has the $2,500 Galexy Grant for minority and women owned businesses. Multiple rounds.

Honeycomb Credit, an investment crowdfunding platform, announced a small business relief loan program that’s providing $10,000 to $50,000 in working capital to qualifying businesses.

IFundWomen, a crowdfunding platform for women partners with other companies and organizations to offer many grants for women in business. Start a funding campaign. Get on their email list. 

IFundWomen Entrepreneur of the Year funding program opened for 2021 applications. Award of a $100,000 equity investment and hundreds of thousands of dollars in monetary grants and coaching scholarships to honorees and runner-ups. Deadline Sept. 21, 2021.

James Beard Foundation started a Food and Beverage Industry Relief Fund to provide microgrants to independent food and beverage small businesses in need. Additional grants for food and beverage businesses  majoity owned by Black and Indigenous individuals up to $15,000. 

Jane Walker in partnership with IFundWomen launched the Women First Grant Program for ground-breaking women-owned businesses. Grants of $10,000 will be awarded along with 1 year free coaching.

KKR Small Business Builders grants are designed to help business owners sustain their enterprises, maintain or create jobs, and spur economic opportunity as they respond to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis and recover from its resultant economic dislocation. Grants available to businesses in the United States, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Singapore, Luxembourg, Japan, Ireland, India, Germany, France, England, China, or Australia. Multiple Rounds. Round 4 is open.

LISC Neighborhood Business Grants are available to 15 U.S. locations; $15 million grant fund. LISC has multiple grant programs and multiple rounds. Multiple rounds.

Live Your Dreams Education & Training Awards for women up to $10,000 in cash grants. Deadline Nov. 15, 2021. Award provides monetary assistance to women who provide the primary source of financial support for their families. International program. Check participating countries. Annual program. 

Mastercard launches new Start Path program dedicated to supporting traditionally underrepresented fintech founders to ensure minority led startups  have access to funding necessary to scale. Participants will receive stage-relevant supportt, including enterprise partnership readiness training, mentorship and coaching, as well as curated commerial and investor introductions. Masterclass will consider grants or investments in participating startups on a case-by-case basis. 

MasterCard in partnership with Bank of America presents annual Small Business Impact Awards providing $10,000 grants. Opens July 2022. 

Meda, a nonprofit announces Third Annual "Million Dollar Challenge for Minority EntrepreneursThis year's competition will continue to include the Boot Camp for Successful Pitches as well as the final pitch and award ceremony, hosted entirely online. 

Annual program.  

Mielle Organics is providing grants of $10,000 for black owned businesses. Requires submission of 30 second video. 

NAACP, in partnership with Vistaprint and the Boston Celtics is providing Power Forward grants for black businesses on east coast of $25,000. Businesses mist be in the following states: Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, or select areas of Connecticut.

National Association of Self Employed (NASE) is awarding $4,000 small business grants to members. Multiple rounds. 

National Black MBA Association has an annual Scale-up Pitch Challenge Competition with grant awards up to $50,000. 


National Black Business Pitch (NBBP): is a competition designed to connect Black-owned businesses to corporations who seek to expand and diversify their supply chain with new products and services. Complete the application and submit your pitch video by June 21, 2021. Finalists will pitch August 17-19, 9:30 a.m.-12:00 p.m. PST

National Trust for Historic Preservation in partnership with Hartford, has created the HeartBeat of Mainstreat grant program to support brick-and-mortar businesses in commercial districts as they enter the next phases of reopening across the country. Grants of $5,000 to $15,000 will be awarded on a competitive and first-come, first-served basis. Multiple rounds.

NAV, a small business lending company has a Small Business Grant up to $10,000. Multiple rounds.

Pen America emergency grants up to $1,000 for writers. Multiple rounds. 

Panoramic Ventures Startup Showdown Monthly Pitch Competition is open to early-stage software and tech-enabled servrvice businesses. Contestants compete for a #120,000 investment. Apply for the Miami Showdown by Sept 6.  Pitch event is Sept 30.

Pearl Mill Company annual P.E.A.R.L. Pledge Grant up to $100,000 for nonprofits who support black women and girls. Organizations can nominated and apply. Reopens Summer 2022.

Pepsico, a beverage company TO INVEST OVER $400 MILLION IN BLACK COMMUNITY, including grants for black owned businesses.


Pepsico Foundation in partnership with the Urban Leaguelaunches Black Restaurant Accelerator Program. The Program will comprise direct grant assistance grants to 500 businesses and technical assistance, including entrepreneurial coaching and training on various topics, including back office and accounting systems and support, inventory management, operational efficiency, marketing for growth and ROI, and staff development. This is five year program. Reopens 2022.

She Boss Talk, a media marketing company has launched the She Boss Up Fund to provide grants to women business owners in the United States financially impacted by COVID-19. To learn more about the fund, to apply, donate, partner or nominate a deserving woman, click here. Register for the next round coming 3rd quarter 2021.

She Moisture, a beauty company for multicultural women has launched grants for minority women businesses and social justice activists. Multiple grants and multiple rounds. 

Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF) Small Business Growth & Recovery Fund is supporting American small businesses with $20,000 grants to help address some of the longstanding challenges, including gender and racial inequality and other socioeconomic barriers, that small business owners face in accessing capital. Multiple rounds. 

SoGal Foundation has teamed up with Winky LuxbluemercurytwelveNYC and Lively to make a small step towards progress by providing at $10K and $5K cash grants to Black women or nonbinary entrepreneurs. Multiple rounds.

Texas Women's University Center for Women Entrepreneurs has launched the StartHer grant program which helps women business owners—current or aspiring—to undertake new and innovative projects. Up to 10 business owners will be selected to each receive a $5,000 grant. Multiple rounds. Next round should open in Sept 2021.

Tory Burch Fellows Program w/ $5,000 educational grant for women entrepreneurs. One-year Fellowship with the Tory Burch Foundation that includes virtual education programming, workshops and business guidance. Multiple rounds. 


U.S. Chamber of Commerce opened its Dream Big Awards. The annual Dream Big Awards offers a $25,000 cash prize to the Small Business of the Year winner. Annual program opens Summer 2022. 

Violife launched Plant Grants a new multi-year grants program that promotes plant-based eating by providing charitable funding, education and mentorship to grantees to make plant-based foods more accessible, affordable and available in local communities. This inaugural year is proudly presented by Upfield's Violife brand. Black owned restaurants can apply for $20,000 awards. Reopens 2022.

Walmart Local Community grants for nonprofit organizations to provide up to $5,000 in grants. Deadline Dec. 31, 2021. Annual program.  

Wells Fargo launched its Connect to More program for women entrepreneurs to access mentorship, networking opportunies technical assitance and more. Apply to Coaching Circles 12-week program here. Nonprofit organizations can apply for the Open for Business Fund when it reopens. 

Wells Fargo created the $400 million Open for Business Fund. Grants supports nonprofits and small businesses. 

Wish, one of the largest and fastest growing global ecommerce platforms, announced the launch of a $2 million fund to support independent, black-owned retail businesses across the US. Multiple rounds.

Women's Net, a network for women has a rolling monthly Amber grant contest that awards $10,000 to a deserving woman entrepreneur with eligibility to win the annual $25,000 grant. Additional grants launched as of 2021. Check website for details. 





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