Our CEO Shanté R Roddy Was Featured in Just Me Magazine

Head She Boss at She Boss Talk, Shanté R Roddy was featured in the February 2021 edition of Just Me Magazine. Shanté was featured on the front cover because she was chosen as the Star of the Month. She also authored an article for the magazine titled “How I Help Women- The Art of Collaboration”. In the article, Shanté stated her mission statement which is to help women dominate the decade. She does this in a variety of ways. She said, “Through my business She Epic Media, women are invited to contribute to the blog, come on the podcast, and appear on my YouTube channel and Facebook fan page.” The main reason she has these platforms available open to women is so that women have the space to share their stories with each other. However, in doing so, women have the opportunity to increase their brand visibility, income, and influence.

Shanté also helps women by sharing her expertise in business development., She said in the article; “I provide consulting and coaching services for women in marketing, business development, profit generation, and grants.”

Speaking of grants, Shanté has been an excellent help for many entrepreneurs who need guidance in applying to grants. Help is found on her Youtube channel and by purchasing The Winning Grant Application Cheat Sheet & Checklist.

If you want to collaborate with us, you definitely can. You can contribute to our blog, be featured on YouTube and our podcast, become our ambassador, or find another way to lend your voice!

The magazine is available in two formats. The digital format which you can download for free and the physical copy you can purchase for a small fee. It’s full of articles written by Black owners and experts who have a lot to say. Don’t miss out on this month’s copy.

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