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More people need to know your business exists, so they can support you, buy from you, partner with you and connect you to your next opportunity. Here's how you can leverage our platform and community to increase brand equity: 

  • Increase your visibility by promoting your business to our massive network across several platforms. 


( You got into business to help people but you can't help them if they can't find you. Let us put your business in front of people who really need your expertise and products. )

  • Increase your brand awareness on our platform so more people can know and trust your brand. 

  • Generate leads and sales by putting your products and services in front of a wider audience. 

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YouTube Channel Post


 Get a chance to promote yourself on our YouTube channel to stand out. 

 We can also make a small YouTube short for your brand that stays in our channel. Therefore, anytime anyone visits our platform gets a chance to see us.

Facebook page promotions post


We will be making a post with the help of our esteemed designers to bring out the branding aspects and highlight your brand within our audience.

●  We would also tag and mention your brand to drive traffic towards your platforms.

Newsletter Ad


● Get a chance to send your business insights/offers or upcoming product advertisements via our newsletter ad. With over 10k+ email subscribers, we assure a great open rate and click rate with all the ads and thus ensure not only traffic but visibility and recognition to your brand.



● There would be one story created on the brand highlighting the brand offers or Spotlighting the brand. 

●  One post sharing the offers or highlighting the brand. Post to be provided by the brand, incase the brand wants us to make the graphics, we would charge 50$ extra for the add-on. 

One reel to be posted.

●  One IGtv or podcast to be shared.



●   An Instagram post made with the credentials and brand pointers of the brand made by our esteemed creative team ensures great traffic redirection towards the brand.

Social media outreach package


The ultimate package!!!

●  One Facebook post 

●  One Instagram post

●   One reel

●  One Igtv

●  One interview on podcast or video

●   Instagram & Facebook stories.

●   One newsletter ad 

●   YouTube post promotion.

●   One spotlight post across the channels or website.


(This packages guarantees reaching to almost 100k plus targeted business audience to leverage your business.)

Podcast collaboration package


 Become a guest on our podcast. 

 Graphics with the host to be shared on our social media.

This would give you the leverage of a shoutout from our social media as well.



●   An exclusive blog coverage on the brand pointers highlighting the brand. 

Website listing


●   Get a chance to be listed as our recommended brand for a month over our newly revamped website. Check out our monthly traffic to get an idea about the exposure offered to the brands.

Event Feature


 List your event with us over on our social media platforms (Facebook and LinkedIn) and get an exposure of more than 50k+ women in business community. 

This is a huge opportunity to target your desired women in business audience and attract more people to your event. The graphics and details to be sent by the brand. Incase, the brand wants our esteemed content creator to work on it, there will be an add-on of 50$.

Event Feature Package


●   Event listing on our website and have it published in our monthly newsletter.

●  List your event with us over on our social media platforms (Facebook and LinkedIn) and get exposure of more than 50k+ women in the business community. 


The graphics and details are to be sent by the brand. In case, the brand wants our esteemed content creator to work on it, there will be an add-on of 50$.

LinkedIn Event


●   Get a chance to list your event on our LinkedIn profiles to get exposure in the women in business community professional network.

Guest Feature promo with copy of video


●  A  featured  guest interview promo video along with a chance to use our content by esteemed content creators with copyrights.


●  This promo video will entail all the significant details of your brand along with our recommendation about your brand, thus helping you to show our audience the reliability and quality assurance of your brand.

Author Spotlight Package #1


●   Author/book spotlight on the home page of our website for the month ( minimum 25 days) with link to purchase Author page with pictures, logo, bio, and link to company or book.


●   This is not only to give you exposure and visibility but also on a PR take, it would help our audience to show our recommendation about the context of your book, which would help drive traffic, sales and leads to your platform.



●   Author/book spotlight on the home page of our website for the month ( minimum 25 days) with link to purchase Author page with picture, logo, bio and link to company or book.

●   Scheduled Ten-minute interview or solo video spotlight on our Facebook show page.

●   One promo Facebook Promo post with write up and graphic (you provide)

●   Facebook Author Page added to the Liked Section of our Page or the post stays pinned on the top.

●   One published contributor write-up on She Boss Talk Blog. Book launch or another event listing on website and Facebook show page.

●   Book shared with our online network community of 50k+ businesswomen.

●   Along with the exposure, we would be strengthening the PR of your book through the book, listing, and social media stories and columns.

●   Also get a chance to be a part of our podcast which streams over a Global Audience.

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